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Cat Grooming - How the Experts Perform Wet Baths to Their Cat and Kitten - Part 1

It is best to start giving wet baths to your cat while she is still a kitten and is small enough to be held easily. It is also best to attempt to give her a bath by yourself. Another pair of hands can panic her and increase her struggle to free herself.

The ideal spot for her bath is any sizable sink or bowl that is about waist high to you. The height most comfortable is that of the kitchen sink. Cats are easily frightened if you place them in a low lying basin and loom over them. It is also more difficult for you to hold them and control them in that awkward position.

Have all of your shampoos, rinses or flea dip preparations ready, as well as a soft towel for washing her face and a large towel for the initial drying of her coat. Make sure they are places within easy reach of you but out of reach of your cat. Initially, she will attempt to attach herself to anything in close range in order to escape the water.

The choice of shampoos is up to you and depends upon her coat type. A shampoo containing a whitener is recommended for white cats, or if she has a skin or flea problem, you should use a chemical flea shampoo.

You may also use a mild human shampoo, such as one you would use for babies, and finish off with any good quality conditioner. Do not worry about washing inside her ears as this is best done separately.

Some experts advise putting a cotton ball inside her ears so that water will not penetrate. This is not a good idea as it could alarm her. Others say to put petroleum jelly around her eyes so that shampoo will not enter. This, too, is bad advice as it will not fully prevent the suds from getting into her eyes.

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