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What Cat Training Supplies Do You Need?

If you have a new feline, desirable behaviors need to be taught since your new pet may have his own ideas about acceptable behavior. In order to accomplish this goal, you will need several cat training supplies.

Litter Box

A litter box is extremely important. Be sure to choose one that your pet can easily get in and out of. Generally, kitties prefer large, open litter boxes even though owners may like the covered ones better for aesthetic reasons. Make sure that the box is fairly deep so litter doesn't fly out onto your floor.

Scratching Post

Since scratching is a natural feline behavior, you will need a scratching post unless the animal is declawed or wears nail caps. Many variations exist, so you may have to experiment with several types before finding one that your pet likes. Make sure to place the post in an accessible spot.


Unless you enjoy sleeping with felines do not mind them on your upholstered furniture, you will need a cat bed. Kitties love warmth and softness, so look for a bed that will be comfortable for your pet.


Since felines love to play, you will need to have some toys or household objects that are reserved especially for your pet. Yarn, balls, and spools are some examples of items that you may already have around the house. Many commercial toys are available, and feathers and toys that they can be chased are especially popular.


Since your kitty will probably go places that you do not want, consider using a deterrent. This could be as simple as a spray bottle full of water that you spray the animal with when you spot it climbing your curtain or a piece of foil on the couch. Commercial deterrents may use sound, odor or other methods to discourage the cat.

When you bring a new kitty home, make sure that you are equipped with all of the cat training supplies that you need so that you can begin teaching your feline the behaviors that you desire immediately.

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