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Cat Food For Urinary Tract Health and an Infection-Free Kitty

Boy, did I learn a valuable lesson. I used to give my cat lots of commercial dry food. I didn't link her diet with the recurrence of her urinary tract infections until I saw a holistic veterinarian. The holistic veterinarian suggested that I stop giving her commercial foods altogether and put her on a diet of raw, unprocessed cat food for urinary tract health. In addition, he gave me a homeopathic remedy to give her. You wouldn't believe how much happier and healthier she has been since then!

When it comes to urinary tract health cat food made commercially is detrimental. Commercial cat food is grainy and its mineral content is too high. It will alter the pH of your cat's urine drastically thus make it easier for bacteria to flourish and lead to fatty liver disease.

If you want to give your cat food for urinary tract health that has just the right amount of vitamins and minerals, give her only raw, unprocessed food, organic commercial cat food, or home cooked food. For urinary tract health, it's important to give your cat food that is free of artificial colorings, preservatives, and other synthetic fillers.

For tract health and to prevent a fatty liver and liver disease, try making your cat food by using ingredients in your kitchen cupboard such as fish like tuna and salmon, vegetables, clams, chicken, and broth. When it comes to urinary tract health cat food has to be made of various types of ingredients but with one thing in mind: nutrition. Commercial cat food is severely lacking in nutrients. You have to make sure that your cat is getting enough of the amino acid taurine in her diet and the right balance of minerals so her urinary pH stays at a healthy level.

Cat food for urinary tract health should contain plenty of meat. The problem with commercial food like Purina is that it is mostly grain-based and packed with too many carbohydrates. Why? It's because carbohydrate-rich grains are cheap. If you want to prevent your cat from having urinary problems, give her natural food. Even supplements and nutritional formulas are not necessary if your cat has a good diet. A healthy diet is the backbone of good health in cats just as in humans.

It's important to feed your cat healthy food but it's also important to give her plenty of fresh water to drink. When it comes to urinary tract health cat food in the mainstream is simply too dry. Dehydration is also one of the most common causes of urinary problems in cats. To hydrate your cat, prevent disease, and promote an overall healthy lifestyle and good nutrition, give your cat plenty of fresh, filtered water to drink. Avoid tap water because it is contaminated with harsh chemicals.

In addition to feeding your cat food for urinary tract health and giving her plenty of fresh water to drink, give her a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic remedies are very beneficial for pet health because they help prevent and treat infections, struvite crystals, and other problems of the urinary tract. Cats of any age, young or old, can benefit from homeopathy because it is 100% safe and helps to maintain bladder health, urinary tract health, a healthy flow of urine, and a strong immune system.

In conclusion, don't just give your cat healthy food when you notice the symptoms of a feline urinary tract infection. Give your cat food for urinary tract health all the time instead of waiting till a problem arises. Diets based on commercial cat food will cause digestive problems and many other health issues so instead of putting your cat at risk, give her a good diet and a homeopathic remedy. By doing so, you can help your cat maintain optimum health and stay UTI-free.

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