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How the Experts Choose Cat Grooming Equipment - Cat Flaps, Beds & Carrying Cases For Their Cats

Your cat will need her own combs and brushes. The types you buy will depend on whether she has a short or long coat and fine or thick hair. Cotton swabs for ear cleaning are also a must, as well as scissors made especially for trimming claws.

If she is allowed outside, a cat flap makes an excellent door for your cat. These ranges from models that can be fitted to a screen door to solid wooden ones. Some cat flaps can be opened only by an electronic chip on her collar that opens the door as she approaches. This is a good choice if she is the type of cat that invites other cats home for lunch. It also serves to stop any potential predators, such as small dogs or wildlife, from entering.

Since cats spend so much time sleeping, it is important to provide them with a bed. It should be big enough for her to stretch out in when she is fully grown, and enclosed on at least three sides for cosiness and a sense of security.

Baskets and beds come in wicker, plastic and fiberglass. Or you can make yourself one by lining a cardboard box with sides high enough to exclude drafts. A soft blanket or pillow placed inside is ideal.

A popular bed is a bean bag which is filled with polystyrene and covered with a removable washable material. Another favorite is a ring, or donut pillow.

A carrying case is an essential piece of equipment. They can range from inexpensive cardboard types to designer cases. Your cat should be confined to a case when traveling by car, train or airplane, and should always be taken to the veterinarian in one.

A cat is not safe in the veterinarian's examining room on your lap or on a leash. Even if other animals present in the waiting room cannot actually reach her to harm her, she may think they can, and this can add needless stress and anxiety to your cat, who may already ill.

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