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Cat Odor Removal - Living With Cat Odor?

Anyone who owns a cat knows that odors can sometimes be a problem. And even a bigger and more difficult problem is cat odor removal. Your cats Litter box, urine and other "accidents", can give your home an unpleasant aroma. Its almost like living in a litter box. Thorough cleaning is important, as there are different approaches and products that can help with even the most difficult to remove odors.

Some odor problems can be more stubborn. There are a assortment of products in the marketplace claiming to remove urine and fecal odors from carpets and furniture, some containing enzymes that will smash up the source of the odor. Used correctly, and in some severe situations more than one application may be needed. Some other solutions for cat odor removal include scrubbing the effected area with a diluted liquid laundry detergent, or with various all-purpose cleaners. Try to clean a not easily seen area of the carpet or furniture before using on a more obvious area.

Cat owners need to be extra cautious about removing all signs of the odor, because if the scent remains, the cat will do it again in the same spot. Unfortunately, in some worst cases you may have to remove the soiled carpet, and possibly even seal or replacing the floor and sub floor below! To avoid this, deal with the spot at the first sign of odor. Prevent it from happening again. Submit an application of a odor removal product, and place your cats litter box on top of the effected area.

Be sure to follow the manufactures instructions on the product you are going to use and in some cases use in a well ventilated area. The longer the urine remains on a surface, the harder it will be to remove. Prevention goes a long way!

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