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Cat Urinating Problems-Want to Stop It?

Having your cat urinating all over your house can be extremely troublesome. Your not alone when it comes to dealing with cat urinating problems. Especially when it occurs after you thought you had successfully litter trained your cat. Instead of getting angry, it may be more suitable for you to be worried. You should strongly consider taking your cat for a check-up at your vet. There are a number of diseases which can cause your cat to suddenly start urinating non stop. One of these diseases is a urinary tract infection which could be highly fatal for your cat if left untreated. You should always consider taking your cat to the vet's if you notice, any sudden change in kitty's behavior.

There are many reasons why your cat will urinate in unsuitable places in your house. Both males and females cats whether neutered or not and all breeds and age groups may spray urine as part of their cat urinating problems they may have. Spraying appears to be more common in households with more then 1 cat. Male cats that live with a female cat are more likely to spray than those living with another male cat. It is important to make a distinction between urine marking from inappropriate urination.(spraying) and cats which are not neutered. Both male and female cats will spray to mark their area.

Has this ever had this happen? You're a cat owner, your cat is using the litter box just fine, then one day you come home and find a giant urine spot in the living room carpet and your bed has been peed on. This is a definite sign that you'll having cat urinating problems. What happened? What went wrong? It isn't normal for a cat to use her litter box devotedly, then one day decide to stop using the litter box. There's always a reason why a cat stops using the litter box. Always!

If this happens to you, stay calm, don't panic! The sooner you realize your cat isn't using the litter box, the sooner you can stop this problem cold. By careful examination, you can figure out what's going on, and if you need it ,some help to get your cat using the litter box again.

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