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How the Experts Dry Short Haired, Long Haired Or Medium-Haired Cats

If it is a warm day, and if she is a short haired cat, let her dry naturally in a room. However, you should make sure all windows remain closed until she is completely dry. Any draft, even a warm one, can be harmful to her.

If it is a cool day you can turn on an electric heater to speed up the process. You could attempt to dry her with a hair dryer if she is a short haired companion cat. However, if she is a show cat whose standard calls for a sleek coat lying flat, then the dryer would add too much fullness for her to have much success.

How to dry long haired or medium haired cats? If yours is a long haired or medium haired cat, you will have extra work to do as self drying is not really suitable for her. As she dries, you must continually comb through her coat so that it does not tangle.

If you start this process when she is young, you can quickly accustom her to the hair dryer, which will dramatically speed up the process. Whether drying your cat's coat naturally or with the assistance of a hair dryer, you should continue to comb her coat until it is completely dry.

If she will not hold still enough for you to comb her with one hand and hold the dryer with the other hand, you will need some assistance. Try to construct a makeshift holder for the hair dryer or purchase an inexpensive dryer and stand from the pet store.

For quicker approach, a hair dryer will definitely speed up the drying process, particularly if you have a Birman or other long haired cat.

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