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What to Look For When Choosing a New Cat!

No matter where you are planning on obtaining your new cat, here are some tips you may find useful. After observing the cats or kittens, you may choose one that you really think will do well in your home.  Yet, to avoid any heartache or hefty vet bills later, you need to be sure you are bringing home a healthy cat.  There are some key things you should look at before bringing your cat home:

1. Coat:  Your cat or kitten should have a smooth or unmated coat.  There should be no fleas, ticks, or other pests in the coat.

2. Ears:  Your cat should have clean and dry ears with no waxy buildup, redness, or black powdery substance.

3. Eyes:  Your cats eyes should be clean and bright.  There should be no discharge.  The third eyelid, known as the haws, should not protrude. 

4. Nose:  Your cats nose should be mildly moist, but there should be no discharge.

5. Mouth:  The teeth should be clean and white, and there should be no bad breath.  Your cats gums should be pink, and there should not be any inflammation.

6. Anal area:  The cats anal area should look clean.  There should be no signs of diarrhea, nor should there be any inflammation.

7. Abdomen:  Feel underneath your cat.  The abdomen should feel rounded and firm, and there should be no lumps (which could be a sign of a hernia).

8. Breathing:  Listen to your cat breathing.  Breaths should be even and there should be no wheezing.

9. Movement:  Watch the cat for any signs of lameness.

10. Size:  If you are getting a kitten, the smallest of the kittens usually will exhibit more health problems.

When you assess your cats health, there may be some nervousness, so there may be some nervous urination.  The behavior is normal.  There may also be some heavy purring, which is a great sign of your potential relationship.  If you do choose a less-than-healthy cat, you need to be prepared for the larger veterinary bills and extra care involved, but it does not mean that your cat cannot make a full-recovery.  If you choose a special needs cat, be sure you understand exactly what you are getting yourself in to so that your cat will get the best treatment possible.

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