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Is Holistic Kitten Food Good For Your Kitten?

A holistic kitten food is a kitten food without any unnatural ingredients in it. That means that it has no preservative, food coloring, or synthetic nutrients. It also means that it probably costs more and when you buy top of the line cat food you get a great nutritious food, right?

Well that is not necessarily true. The majority of meat that goes into feline food is such a low grade that it actually does your cat harm. My own vet said that the majority of the store bought food for cats is equivalent to eating junk food (no nutritional value at all).

What's worse is that there is also poison in the meat. Euthanized pound animals are sold for meat to the cat food companies and the poison does not cook out even at high temperatures.

Holistic kitten food companies claim that there are no preservatives in their cat food. If there are no preservatives in the food how can they keep meat on the shelves for extended periods of time without it rotting?

By law, the cat food manufacturers do not have to claim anything in their cat food that they themselves do not put in it. So if before the meat gets to their processing plant some preservatives are put in it they can still claim that it is preservative free. It's a built in ability to lie to consumers about what they are buying.

When you use homemade kitten food you know exactly what your kitten is getting because you put it in there.

Cat food secrets will give you a good easy way to combine homemade food and commercial food, show you what commercial food is good for your cat, and help you to help your cat to live his life to the fullest potential. Don't let your cat be a victim to commercial cat food learn more about Holistic kitten food.

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