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Cat Travel Tips - How the Experts Handle Their Cats While Doing Rail and Air Travel

If you are shipping cats by rail or air, first check with the carriers and find out their rules for health certificates and suitable shipping containers. It is not advisable to give cats tranquilizers. Some cats can become very aggressive on this type of medication while others become sick.

If heavily tranquilized, their vomiting can cause them to drown in their own fluids. Line the bottom of the shipping container with a good thickness of newspaper and tear up strips of newspaper, filling the container about halfway to the top.

This makes an excellent insulator for heat and cold and your cat can burrow into it for security. Should she have to go to the bathroom, she can cover her waste with the strips of paper.

Always make a definite reservation for her with the airline or train carrier and have a back up plan in mind. Always try for a direct flight with no change of plane or train. Most airlines will not carry pets if the ground temperature at either departure or destination is below 45 degree Fahrenheit or above 80 degree Fahrenheit, but you will need to check on this with the airline when you book.

Some boarding kennels have areas that allow cat's outdoor access. Always check out a new kennel with a visit before your cat's stay. If you cannot leave your cat at home, a boarding kennel is another option.

A kitten will generally take up using a litter pan naturally. However, if she uses a rug or bedding as a litter pan, deter her from repeating the offense by lightly spraying the area with cologne. Most cats like to lick perfume and will not soil where they lick.

To prevent your cat from digging up the soil in a flower pot or using it as a litter pan, cover the earth with small stones. If she persists, you should consider hanging the plant well out of her reach. Never use mothballs as a deterrent as they could be fatal to her if eaten.

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