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Cat Arthritis - Owner's Guide to Arthritis in Cats

Cat arthritis is a condition in which there is joint inflammation. It can become very painful to your cat. Any feline is at risk for developing this condition, but athletic cats are more susceptible. So, what exactly causes arthritis in cats?


There are various things that can cause feline arthritis. One of the leading causes is trauma as the result of an accident. Examples include getting hit by a car or falling from a great height. Your cat's bones, joints, and ligaments also wear down naturally over time. Some of the other common causes include immune system disorders, infections, or developmental disorders.


The main sign of arthritis in cats is the presence of swollen joints. The joint may become so swollen that your cat develops limping or lameness in the affected limb. It's also common for your feline to be stiff. This will be very noticeable just after he gets up from resting.

Severe cases of cat arthritis may also cause personality changes. Two of the most common changes are aggression and depression. Like in humans, cold and damp weather can worsen the symptoms of this condition.


If your cat is showing any of these symptoms, a veterinarian will need to check him out. The vet will monitor your cat while resting and moving around. Fluid may also be extracted from one of the swollen joints to help confirm a case of arthritis. X-rays also prove to be useful diagnostic tools in some cases.


Treatment of arthritis in cats depends on the cause and severity of the condition. In cases caused by a traumatic injury, your cat will benefit from anti-inflammatory medications and rest. Some cats need to wear supportive dressings until they improve. Surgery is also necessary sometimes.

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