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A Guide to Cat Urinary Blockage - A Lowdown on the Cause, Treatment, and Prevention

Is your act acting unusual?  Is he urinating blood or has he stopped urinating completely?  Your cat could be suffering from a cat urinary blockage.  It's important to seek immediate treatment if your cat is showing signs of a urinary blockage because it can become life-threatening.

So what are the symptoms of a blockage in cat?  The most obvious sign is if your cat stops urinating altogether.  In this case, the problem is very severe and needs to be treated at once by a veterinarian.  Other signs of a blockage include straining to urinate, urinating frequently, urinating in small amounts, and blood in the urine.

A cat urinary blockage is often a life or death situation that needs to be treated immediately.  The problem that many owners have is the recurrence of urinary blockages in their cats.  In order to prevent the problem from recurring, it's important to administer preventive treatment.

Rather than waiting until you notice the symptoms of a blockage in cat, make some lifestyle changes so your cat is less likely to develop the problem in the first place.  Only treating the problem when it occurs rather than trying to prevent it will result in costly veterinarian bills and lots of pain for your cat.

So how can you prevent cat urinary blockage?  The best ways to prevent this problem are through dietary control and homeopathic treatment.  Avoid giving your cat commercial dry foods.  Instead, try to give your cat raw, unprocessed food or home cooked meals.  Also make sure that your cat gets enough water to drink.  Give your cat filtered water instead of tap water, which is contaminated with harsh chemicals.

To both prevent and treat the symptoms of a blockage in cat, give your cat a homeopathic remedy every day.  Homeopathic remedies consist of granules that are easy to administer and that your cat will enjoy.  Most importantly, homeopathic remedies are 100% safe and have no side effects.  The same cannot be said for conventional treatments.

So why is homeopathic treatment so effective in treating and preventing cat urinary blockage?  Homeopathic remedies naturally support and soothe the bladder and urinary tract, maintain urinary health, maintain a healthy flow of urine, and strengthen the immune system.  Best of all, homeopathic treatment can be used regularly without any risk of side effects.

Your next step?  Take this information and start considering prevention of cat urinary blockage as your primary treatment method.  Only taking your cat to the veterinarian when a problem arises will not help him overcome this problem and it will cause you a lot of stress.  Instead, encourage your cat to lead a healthier lifestyle through a good diet, a sufficient intake of fresh, clean water, and a homeopathic remedy.  By doing so, you will help your cat achieve permanent recovery and urinary problems will become a thing of the past.

Mark Lunardi is a pet health enthusiast who has been researching natural remedies to promote pets health. To learn more about his researches, visit his website at

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