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Cat Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms - Your I'm Not an Idiot Guide For Recognizing Cat UTI Symptoms

Sadly, many cat owners ignore cat urinary tract infection symptoms thinking they are related to a feline behavior problem. This causes their cat unnecessary suffering and in some cases a terribly painful death. Take the next two minutes to read about these cat urinary symptoms and save your cat's life today.

Recall the pain you experienced when you had a human urinary tract disorder. Perhaps you grabbed the side of the stool, grimacing while the burning, sharp pain passed along through your urinary tract with only a trickle of urine to show. You sat there knowing that you had more urine to pass, yet you dreaded the next session.

Its not much different for your cat. If you notice your cat straining at the litter box your cat may be exhibiting the the most obvious of cat urinary tract infection symptoms. If your cat frequently visits the litter box, squatting over and over, or even balancing on the edge of the box, its time to get your cat to the vet.

Reflect again on your personal experience with a UTI. Do you remember the incessant itching in your crotch? Once again, if your kitty is constantly licking at his penis or around the groin he is exhibiting classic cat urinary symptoms.

During your UTI episode did you ever cry out in pain during urination or while trying not to scratch away at your itching crotch? Once again, your cat may cry out in pain or even howl as he tries to cope with the intense pain and itch related to cat urinary symptoms.

There are a number of factors including crystals in the urine, bladder stones, tumors, bacterial or viral infections, trauma and stress that can cause your cat to display symptoms of a feline UTI. The disorder is more critical in male cats as their urinary tract may actually be blocked. In any case, your vet has the best experience in diagnosing cat urinary symptoms.

A big red flag is if your cat pees on the floor and you notice blood in the urine. Get kitty to the vet now as tomorrow will be too late. Your vet will confirm whether you cat has a feline UTI or blockage by physical exam, blood work, urinalysis and perhaps even x-ray.


In severe cases where you cat is blocked, your vet will use a catheter or may even resort to surgery to unblock your cat. Intravenous fluids may be necessary to prevent dehydration during the treatment. You cat won't be able to go home until he's drinking and urinating on his own.

When there isn't a blockage your vet may suspect a bladder infection. She may recommend antibiotics to treat this infection. Talk to your vet about using natural herbal compounds to treat your cat's disorder.

Today, vets are turning towards herbal remedies to deal with bladder infections and cat urinary symptoms. If you think about it, how did you deal with your urinary tract infection? Did your doctor recommend drinking cranberry juice and increasing your vitamin C intake? This same philosophy can be applied to treating your cat's UTI.

In fact, vets are shying away from using antibiotics because they can actually aggravate bladder infections. Not only that, but the overuse of antibiotics has led to more antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. Herbal remedies have been around for centuries and are extremely effective in soothing cat urinary symptoms.

Here's your I'm Not An Idiot Guide To Recognizing Cat Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms

Your cat is exhibiting one or more of these symptoms...

  1. Straining at the litter box;
  2. Constant licking in the groin area;
  3. Crying out in pain;
  4. Peeing on the floor;
  5. Blood in the urine

Now that you are armed with this information you can add natural, herbal remedies into your cat's daily diet to prevent a cat UTI and reduce the discomfort associated with cat urinary tract infection symptoms. These herbs are 100% safe and can be used for as long as necessary without risk of side effects.

Kate Rieger has been owned by 15+ cats and is a champion of natural remedies for her own cats and her feral cat neighbors. She would like to extend simple, natural care to every pet in the world, but she takes it one animal at a time. She behaves well during speaking engagements at organizations spreading the word about natural alternatives to pet ailments. Pick up free tips at about soothing herbal remedies for cat urinary tract infection symptoms to heal your cat today.

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