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How to Treat Canine UTI While Avoiding the Dangers of Antibiotics

The cause of this disease in pets is the same as in humans, e-coil, which if not treated or not treated properly can lead to disease of the kidney and an ultimate death sentence for your dog.

The treatment of choice for you pets has been antibiotics although homeopathic vets use natural remedies due to the dangers associated with antibiotics. Some of the side effects of antibiotics can be more dangerous than urinary tract infection illness itself.

Some natural ways used to combat canine and feline UTI indicate that garlic is somewhat an effective remedy. Just sprinkles it on the cat or dog's food liberally without the worry of overdosing. This method can, in addition, perk up his appetite. Garlic has proven to help fight infections inside the body.

Echinacea is another herb used in fighting UTI. It is comparable to garlic as far as effectiveness is concerned. The use of rosehip, also an herb, contains a significant amount of vitamin c and iron known to help the dog's body fight the disease.

Other commonly used herbs and their purpose are yarrow and buchu. Yarrow helps increase the dog's vitality, while giving aid to the nervous system, While buchu acts like a filter in that it cleanses the blood thus avoiding the possibility of forming gall stones.

What ever decision you and your vet make for treatment of choice, make certain you maintain clean quarters for your dog on an ongoing basis, consider a natural food that does not contain chemical additives for preservation, and always have clean fresh water available to your dog, remembering that canine uti can always return.

Janet Markowitz has been a German Shepherd Breeder for over 20 years. She has always been interested in using natural and holistic remedies for her Shepherds whenever possible. She has found that by using natural Remedies in conjunction with conventional medicine, she has achieved great success in the health and longevity in her dogs.

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