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A Kitten Whose Diet Consists of Natural Kitten Food Will Live a Longer and Healthier Life

The closer your cat's diet is to what would be found out in nature the stronger his immune system will be. On average a cat should live to be twenty five to thirty years. Most cats only live to be seven to ten years. The reason for this is that commercially bought food does not provide your cat with the nutrition that he needs.

Cats need raw meat in there diets. Raw meat will provide them with taurine, which is crucial to a cats whole system. A cat deficient in taurine will lose his sight in less than two years. Once his sight is gone it's gone. Taurine is also critical to the brain and heart. For a cats brain and heart to function properly taurine must be present but unlike a cats eyesight if your cat is deficient in taurine and then he receives what he needs the heart will return to normal.

You can also give your kitten cooked meat but know that cats cannot digest cooked fat. If you are going to cook chicken for your cat then remove the skin before you cook the chicken and then feed the raw skin to your cat. Stay away from pork altogether when feeding your cats. The best food you can give your cat is raw meat because that is how they eat it in the wild.

Another thing a cat needs in his diet is vegetables. You must be careful about the vegetables your cat receives because chives, tomato's, garlic, and onions are highly toxic to cats. Also stay away from the bell pepper family.

Cat food secrets will give you a good easy way to combine homemade food and commercial food, show you what commercial food is good for your cat, and help you to help your cat live his life to the fullest potential. Don't let your cat be a victim to commercial cat food, get more information on natural kitten food.

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