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Cat Training Tips - How the Experts Train Their Cats to Obey Household Safety

Behavioral training is the best form of training you can give your cat. Although some people do performance train their cats, it is time consuming and there is no guarantee of success. Do not try to turn your cat into a dog.

If you want a pet to sit, roll over or come on command, a cat is not for you. You can train her to come for meals (all of the time) and when you call (most of the time), success will depend entirely on her mood.

The most important things to train your cat for are activities that might endanger either her or your belongings. You do not want her making the stovetop her habitat as too often she may be burned.

And your guests might take a dim view of sharing your supper when it is been prepared with the help of the cat. Begin training your cat as soon as she is old enough to try and jump up on the stove.

A squirt with a spray bottle is effective, but only if you can stand guard in the kitchen 24 hours a day. For those other times, cover the surface of the stove top with metal pots and pans. Not only will it be difficult for her to find a place to squat, but the noise they make when she jumps up should send her scampering.

Cats hate nose and quickly learn to avoid making any. As a matter of course, you might cover the top of your stove, refrigerator and microwave with pots to discourage her from making them her lairs.

You can entice your cat to come dangling a toy or offering her favorite food, but this does not mean she will obey every time. If you are unable to keep your cat from your stove, cover the top with syrup or another sticky substance. Cats, such as the Siamese, hate anything sticky on them and it will not take long for her to decide the area is off limits.

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