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Helpful Tips About Cats - Is Your Cat in Heat?

Have you recently adopted a female cat that is keeping you awake at night? Is she displaying some really odd behavior? Such as excessive howling or calling, or does she seem agitated. It may even seem like she has an excessive amount of energy. Or she may be rubbing her body on the floor or walls, in a way that is different than her normal behavior. Or she may be licking herself more often than usual.

These are all likely symptoms that your female feline friend is coming into "heat" or medically know as oestrus. Although she's likely keeping you awake at night, you can rest assured it's totally natural. Okay, I know what you're thinking, natural or not, you need to sleep and you want her to calm down! Not to mention what do the neighbors think, especially if you live in an apartment like we do.

Rest assured there a few simple things you can do to help her. The only permanent way to prevent her from coming into "heat" is to have your veterinarian spay or fix her. This is a good idea for a variety of health related reasons. But in the meantime there are some simple techniques to calm her down, that may work for you and your cat.

One technique that worked for us, was to simply keep her busy, by playing with her more. String and rolled tin-foil balls never seemed so helpful! (even if it was at 2:00 in the morning) It just seemed like it took her mind off her loud meowing. Another technique that might work for you is, to brush her a lot. She may not normally like this, but most cats in heat seem to love it. Perhaps it helps to scratch that unscratch-able itch. The important lesson in all of this, is to get to know your cat and to understand your cat's behavior.

The more you understand about your cat, the more you'll enjoy each other. My advise to you is to read as much as you can about cat behavior, and find yourselves a good friendly veterinarian that you both like. Find out right now some other helpful information about cat behavior that will help you enjoy your feline friend more.

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