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How to Remove Cat Urine From Carpet - Do This But Not That

If you have both a cat and a carpet, then eventually you will need to learn how to remove cat urine from carpet. Urine has to be one of the hardest things to clean out, especially in combination with carpet.

You have probably realized that just blotting it up does not in any way remove the distinctive urine odor. Because it's carpet, blotting it up might take out the urine in the top part of the carpet, but the urine that has been soaked into the carpet pad is still there.

The only effective method on how to remove cat urine from carpet is fighting bacteria with enzymes. It is the bacteria from the cat urine that causes the distinctive odor. Simple blotting will not remove that bacteria. Only enzymes can break it down and completely eliminate the problem.

One word of caution. When cleaning up the litter box or when cleaning small messes, do NOT use anything with bleach! Remember science class in school?

Remember what two chemicals they said NEVER to mix?

Ammonia and bleach!

You should NEVER mix these two together because the combination will produce very noxious fumes that are fatal, as in deathly fatal!

Bleach would be the cleaning agent you're thinking of using and the ammonia comes from your cat urine! A big no-no!

Now back to the how to remove cat urine from carpet with enzymes topic. Not all odor eliminators are created equal unfortunately. Some of the products on the market work to a certain extent but not completely. Some you have to use within a certain amount of days after you open it.

So make sure you read user reviews to make sure it works.

I have been looking into different kinds of odor removers out on the market.

I have posted the one that most people have had consistent success with on my website. You can find it by clicking on remove cat urine.

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