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The Truth About Cat Food For Urinary Tract Health

You've probably heard it a hundred times in the past when you would go to the veterinarian, dry food is best, it controlled weight and helped keep the cats teeth clean. Dry food may help with cleaner teeth, but free feeding of dry food is leading to obesity and other diseases. It is not just the quantity of dry food, it is the quality.

We are feeding our cats food which they really were not meant to eat. Dry food can cause dehydration and adding a small amount of water to the dry food can help with hydration levels but the best cat food for urinary tract health are diets high in moisture and are not fish based, but meat based. If your cat loves his dry food which is only about 10 percent moisture, try mixing a moist canned or packet food and gradually increase the moist food until he eating a mostly a canned food diet.

Cats need a natural raw diet of meat, bones and organs (originally this was a mouse or small rodents). Cats crave meat so adding raw meat or changing to a raw food diet would be an ideal cat food for urinary tract health. A healthy diet for the owner of the cat would include grains and vegetables but cats are carnivores and are not meant to eat vegetables, cereal and grain fillers. They are meant to eat meat, bone, organs, along with the fiber, minerals and vitamins, all of which is in the perfect food of a mouse. This is impractical for a domesticated house cat, so commercial products were made.

Now it is thought that the pH balance of urine is the cause of urinary problems, so pet food manufacturers wanting to sell their products have come up with all sorts of additives to prevent urinary problems. The manufacturers of urinary tract health cat food are putting urine acidifiers in the food which can cause metabolic acidosis, resulting in impaired kidney function and a loss of potassium which leads to mineral imbalance. This type of prevention only leads to problems of another sort.

The best urinary tract health cat food would be a diet with raw foods or canned, because although a cat eating only dry food does drink a bit more water than a cat on a canned or raw diet it is still only half of the water compared to a cat eating canned foods. When a cat is only eating dry food the urine becomes very concentrated which can contribute to feline urinary tract associated illnesses.

Cat food for urinary tract health includes raw or canned food, and adding natural immune builders, to support a healthy immune function and an overall balance to keep our pets healthy for years to come.

Rebecca Shelly has been studying alternative cat health applications for a many years. She is a regular contributor to natural pet health sites, discussing some of the most promising natural treatments for pet health on the market today. For more information on urinary tract health cat food visit to learn more about UTI medications and why we choose this natural remedy above all others.

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