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5 Tips on Getting Your Cat's Trust

Have you ever wondered why some cats are so pleasant and others just seem mean and even threatening? Research has proven that cats are blessed with an effective communication system, and they have hundreds of different vocalizations to get them what they need.

Cats can understand what their owner wants because of the repetition of words and actions the cat owner does in a consistent way. This repetition of action and words creates the relationship between the cat and you the owner.

Earning a cats trust is not as difficult as you might think. In fact taking the time to care, vocalize, and watch the cat builds a strong relationship and causes the cat to begin to trust their owner. Granted it takes a lot of practice, because a cats behavior is not changed easily, but with a lot of practice and trust, the cat will slowly change its pattern and behavior towards you. The following steps helps in maintaining a good relationship with your cat and these steps promote trust between you and the cat.

1. One of the secrets to creating a strong relationship between you and your cat, has to do with caring for the cat. Giving him, or her, the right food, caring for them, and loving them will begin to create a strong relationship between you and your cat. If the cat is always be provided with love, and respect, they will become a very happy companion and friend to you. Strong relationship should be maintained by talking with them softly, watching and responding to their sounds. These actions make them happy and gain their confidence and trust.

2. Be sure that your cat is fed correctly and given the right food. When your cat gets the food he likes, you make him happy and that creates a bond of trust with the owner. The cat should be supplied with high-protein food on a daily basis. Cats are grazers and normally eat four to five times a day and so, they have to be supplied with good and healthy food. The amount of food plays an important role towards the health and growth of the cat. Cats should not be over fed and they should be provided with quality and high grade foods. Healthy cats will always be happier and more cheerful than those that are poorly fed.

3. Cats love to play with toys and cat nips. Getting the right toys makes them happy and more loving towards you. A bored cat will always be unhappy. Providing the cat with the toys like, bells, glossy ribbons, and jingles make them happy and fun to be around. chew toys gives them something to nibble and provides strength for their teeth. A happy cat will have a strong bond with its owner.

4. The cat needs a companion to play with and playing with the cat promotes a sense of security and safety for the cat and results in the development of trust between cat and owner.

5. Making a home with a good bed, litter box and soft towel makes the cat happy and it lets him know he has his own separate space. This bed makes the cat comfortable for sleeping and creates a good rapport between owner and cat. Remember, cats are living beings and they should be supported with love and care.

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