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A Cat's "I Should Have Stayed in Bed" Day

Woke up this morning. I needed to pee, badly. Ran to the litter box. It was being used. Ran to the other litter box, it was also in use. Ran to the litter box in the bathroom. The door was closed. Peed on the floor. Human came out of the bathroom and stepped in it. Got yelled at. Not my fault! Went to a corner in the basement to sulk.

Got called up to have breakfast. Didn't get upstairs fast enough and the dog ate most of it. Now I only get tasteless, low fat, diet crunchies for the rest of the day. I am really pissed off. This reminds me, I need to go again. See an empty carton lying on the floor in the hallway. Humans are so careless, I'll show them. Peed in the carton.

Went to have a nap and put this horrible morning out of my mind. The dog was sleeping in my favourite chair. Wanted to smack him but would probably get yelled at. Going down to sleep in Tiger's bed, I dare him to complain.

Couldn't sleep. Tiger kept hitting me on the head or jumping up and nipping my bum. Chased him away but I knew he'd be back. Moved to a corner in the basement.

Had a good nap. Came up to look out the window for awhile. Saw a strange cat on my deck. Yowled and howled and hissed at him to get out of my yard. Got yelled at.

Ate a good supper. Ran around and knocked a few things over. Felt much better until human saw pee in carton. Got yelled at.

Going to bed and pull the covers over my head.

My name is Max and I've had a bad day.

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