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A Guide to Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease and Its Treatment

Are you plain fed up with taking your cat to the veterinarian for feline lower urinary tract disease? Although it is a condition that affects a relatively small percentage of cats, it is a common reason for cat visits to the vet and can be serious if not treated in time. Prevention is the best medicine in most cases but there are ways you can treat an infection in its early stages at home before it spirals out of control.

The symptoms of feline lower urinary tract disorder are a change in the frequency of urination, painful urination, blood in the urine, incontinence, and more. The condition can be very painful so it's important that you treat your cat to relieve him of the symptoms.

Conventional treatment of feline lower urinary tract disease aims at suppressing the immediate symptoms of the infection. The problem with this line of thought is that the infection can return because the medicine doesn't get to the root of the problem. For this reason and the fact that conventional medicine has serious side effects, many pet owners are turning to alternative treatment methods.

Alternative treatment of feline lower urinary tract disorder aims at getting rid of infections by treating the problem holistically. A homeopathic remedy may be administered in order to alleviate the symptoms of the infection and strengthen the body's natural healing system. Dietary and lifestyle changes may be made in order to address the lifestyle factors that could be causing the infection.

A diet rich in raw, unprocessed foods is an important factor in treating and preventing feline lower urinary tract disease Many commercial cat foods are full of chemical ingredients that can aggravate the symptoms of cat UTI and lead to an accumulation of toxins in the urinary tract. Furthermore, in order to detoxify properly, your cat needs to have plenty of fresh, clean water to drink.

To maintain a healthy bladder, a healthy flow of urine, and a strong immune system that can fight off infection, it is important to give your cat an all natural, homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic remedies are gentle yet highly effective and they don't have any of the dangerous side effects associated with conventional medications. They are 100% safe to use for extended periods of time and for that reason they make an excellent addition to any preventive treatment plan.

Make no mistake about it. Lifestyle changes and homeopathic remedies are the way to go in treating urinary tract infections in cats. Conventional medicine only suppresses the symptoms of the infection without getting to the root of the underlying cause. If you want to get rid of feline urinary lower tract disease and keep it from coming back, use natural treatment methods. They are safe, inexpensive, and provide long term results.

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