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A Guide to Preventing a Cat Urinary Tract Infection

Let us face it; a cat urinary tract infection is unbearable for everyone in the household. Not only is the kitty miserable, but it is absolutely nasty to have to clean up all of the messes that are frequently deposited all over the house, sometimes in the oddest of places.

If you have ever had this sort of malady, you know exactly how awful it can be. The sensation to eliminate never goes away; however, the task is never completed. In addition, there is the burning pain. No wonder a cat will neglect the litter box. In his or her little mind, it is the culprit causing all of the discomfort associated with a feline urinary tract infection.

So, if you do not want to sacrifice the loving relationship between you and your feline companion, it might be helpful to consider some home remedies for preventing a cat urinary tract infection before it has a change to cause pain for everyone. Even if your kitty has never had a problem before, a few of these suggestions will promote better health anyway:

  • Clean, Fresh Water
  • Chemical Free Food
  • Age Appropriate Chow
  • Clean Litter Box
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Broth Soaked Food

Clean, fresh water is probably the single most important element for promoting good urinary health. It makes sure the kitty does not hold stale urine long enough to grow bacteria, ultimately casing a cat urinary tract infection. While it may be easier to get a great big bowl and fill it every few days, it can cause problems. Polluted with food crumbs and microscopic bacteria, it can be harmful to a cat prone to infection.

Chemical free food is better for your kitty. Of course that makes sense. But, few animal lovers know it can actually compromise the ability for your cat to fight off a potential health problem. Unfortunately, most of the store brands have additives that can be hard on sensitive stomachs. So, many owners have opted to feed kitty what the rest of the family is eating, like in the good old days.

Age appropriate cat chow is not just an option, it is a necessity. Owners of multiply cats will often give mommy the same kitten chow as her baby. Unfortunately, the extra vitamins and minerals the kitten needs can have the adverse cause of promoting a cat urinary tract infection with buildups and blockages.

A clean litter box is paramount to maintaining good urinary tract health. Imagine how it would be to go potty in a toilet that is never flushed. The mental image is disgusting, but that is basically what a pour kitty has to do, if the litter is neglected. If scooping the box a couple times a day is not possible, an automated box that self flushes or rakes through the litter may do the trick in avoiding feline urinary tract infection.

Cranberry juice is also a great natural remedy in the effort to avoid a cat urinary tract infection. The medicinal value of the drink works the same in cats as is does in their human companions. A bacterium adheres to something in the liquid and is flushed out during elimination. Especially for kitties prone to infection, this can be a yummy natural solution.

Broth soaked food is also another sneaky way to add more liquid to the diet, making sure your pet is going potty more frequently. Since it is impossible to tell your feline that drinking plenty of water will help him or her avoid a recurring cat urinary tract infection, it is a tempting and yummy way to sneak in some more liquid. What cat can resist chicken broth?

In conclusion, whether your pet is a frequent sufferer of a cat urinary tract infection, or you have heard the horror stories and want to take a proactive stance toward better urinary health, now you have some healthy ideas. Your cat is a member of the family. He or she is counting on you to take good care and recognize when illness is lurking. Hopefully, with this information, you can both look forward to many wonderful years together.

Tina Matsunaga is a freelance writer for home-based businesses, Internet marketers, and professionals around the world. She enjoys working at home while raising 2 children. She holds a BA in English and secondary education from Regis University.

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