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Bonding With Your Cat

Who says bonding with your cat is not possible? This is the common assumption cat owners have; they figure that you can only bond with a pet dog, and not a pet cat. However, such bonding is still very much possible. And when you do establish such a relationship with your feline, nothing really beats that rewarding feeling. So, how do you forge this relationship with your cat?

One very important thing you have to remember is that looking into your cat's eyes directly would mean aggression to your cat. Thus, you should not do this at all. What you should do, rather, is to stare into your cat's eyes and then look away while blinking your eyes slowly. This is very effective since cats actually do this when they show their affection to their companions. If you do this often, you will find this very helpful in the end.

Another thing that you can do is to pet your cat often. Of course, you need to determine first if your cat is fond of this because there are some cats who do not like to be stroked at all. how do you determine this then? Easy! All you have to do is stroke your cat, and if it purrs louder and louder, then this is a strong indication that it enjoys being petted. Try petting your car under the chin, the bridge of the nose, and the forehead.

Cats like to groom themselves. In fact, your vet would most likely tell you how you cat likes to spend a large portion of the day just grooming itself. You can foster bonding by grooming your cat as well. Remember to be as gentle as possible when grooming your cat because its fur might become tangled in the brush or comb you are using.

And when it comes to feeding, make sure you stick to a particular feeding time. Cats like routine when it comes to feeding so if you practice this, your cat would appreciate you more for it. However, refrain from picking up your car especially after a meal. This will disrupt the digestion process and will only cause discomfort for your cat.

Do not ever punish your cat. Cats cannot really relate punishment to bad behavior, unlike their canine counterparts. Should you physically punish your cat, it would just end up becoming scared of you. this would defeat the purpose of bonding with your cat so you should avoid doing this.

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