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Buying a Sisal Cat Scratching Post? - 3 Things to Look For

Are you in the market for a sisal cat scratching post? Which one is best for you? How do you pick a good sisal cat scratching post that will last? Here are three important things to look for when shopping for a good sisal cat scratching post.


A very important factor for a good sisal cat scratching post is its sturdiness. You do not want your cat to feel that the post is not stable enough for him to stretch and really scratch on. Make sure the bottom base is wide enough and heavy enough to support the post and the weight of your cat clinging to the post. Cats love to climb and cling on posts like they do outside with trees.


As a cat owner, then you know that cats are picky; about their food, about the way they are stroked, and, of course, about the material that their scratching post is made out of. Most cats love sisal material because of the way it feels and sounds when they scratch it. And sisal material is strong enough for the cat to cling to. That is why I recommend a good sisal cat scratching post. And another great thing about sisal is that it is clean. It will not leave shreds all over the floor and it will stay looking good for a long time.


You want a sisal cat scratching post that is tall enough for the length of your cat fully stretched out. Ideally, the height should be taller than our cat fully stretched out to offer you cat a bit of climbing space. And if the post comes with a perch for the cat to sit on top, even better. This gives your cat a higher vantage point from which he can survey his surroundings. That is something else that cats love to do. Sit and watch the world go buy under them!

These are three guidelines for picking out a good sisal cat scratching post that most cats will love. Of course, the ultimate test is a test by your own cat. As we know, every cat is an individual and there is no convincing them otherwise!

The author's cat, Mickey, has a review of the ultimate sisal cat scratching post and you can read that at the following link:

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