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Can Cats and Children Get Along in a Household?

Cats and children mix very well with a little help from you. It is important that children be taught the proper way to interact with cats. Although a kitten may have a hard time escaping the tail pulling and hair yanking inflicted by a toddler, an older cat will simply move away if playtime turns into wartime.

And most cats are quite forgiving of children and will tolerate being held in all sorts of undignified positions. Let an adult try to hold him with head dangling down and he will react with outrage, but a child can carry him any which way and he loves it.

If you are bringing a kitten into a house with children, encourage the children to stay away from the kitten until he approaches them. And make sure there is proper supervision until you are confident they are mixing together safely.

An indoor or outdoor cat may be more independent because he will use his wild instincts for survival. A completely indoor cat may surprise you by shedding his independent nature and becoming almost dog like in his response to you.

Your best bet in selecting your ideal cat is simply to pick one that you like the look of, keeping in mind any special grooming he may require, and trust the way you respond to his personality. You can then gradually integrate him into your household routine.

Do not make the mistake of adding one too many cats to your household. Whether two is company and three is a crowd, or whether your cat household will tolerate more cats is up to your cats.

They have a silent agreement as to the number of cats they feel can coexist in any one household and they will let you know as soon as you have exceeded that limit in any number of ways like from simple act such as wetting your bedspread, all the way to physically attacking the unwanted newcomer.

Although they may not warm to each other, give your pets time to get to know each other, and after a little while they should be the best of friends. If you want your cat to be an indoor or outdoor cat, you should be aware that he may remain very independent and not become the doting companion you expected.

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