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New York City council does not deal with cat adoptions directly. Anyone who approaches the council regarding the matter of NYC cat adoption will be given a link to Animal Care and Control Services and the ASPCA.

The Animal Care and Control Service is a huge, 'not for profit' organization that covers the whole of the New York City area and deals with shelter and adoption for all animals. As a main contributor to NYC cat adoption, the organisation is vital. There are huge numbers of stray cats in New York and some of the statistics regarding the breeding habits of cats are quite remarkable. Did you know that if two cats were left to their own family planning regime, they could be responsible for starting a family that would number more than 80 million cats within just ten years.

On the AC&C website it is possible to look at the cats that they are trying to find homes for and see a detailed description and photograph. They give information regarding the animal's habits and temperament and each cat is given a short review by their handlers. You are easily able to browse the list and see if there is a potentially suitable pet for you. Obviously you cannot go through the whole process of a NYC cat adoption just on the internet. You will have to visit the centre and handle the animal and there is a comprehensive application form that will need to be completed. This will ensure that the centre is happy about your suitability as a pet owner.

All the pets that are given homes via shelters are spayed or neutered. This is in an attempt to bring down the number of unwanted animals that arrive in their care. Before taking ownership of your pet from the AC&C NYC cat adoption centre, you will also have to sign to confirm that you will not sell or the trade the animal to a third party. If you find that you are no longer able to look after the pet, then you are legally obliged to return him to the shelter for re-homing once again.

The NYC cat adoption system is doing all that is within its powers to help the situation for the hundreds of unwanted pets that roam the streets of New York or are found abandoned or in unsuitable conditions. It operates on limited funding and is dependent on many volunteers. The fees that are charged when you adopt a cat are very low. Often these only just cover the medical care for the animal and their food and care during their stay in the shelter. Any donations that are made to the AC&C are always gratefully accepted, as are offers of help at the centre. If you are considering adopting a cat, perhaps you could give them some of your time to help out for a while. This will not only help them, but will give you valuable experience for when you take charge of your own pet.

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