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Cat Bites - What Should You Feed Your Cat?

Generally, pet health begins with the food you give them. If you offer your cat a diet high in fat and preservatives, or even worse, people food, they will not develop a healthy internal system and chances are that they will develop a terminal medical condition. So pet health begins with what is in their food bowl. Provide a balanced diet that is high in protein; remember, in the wild, they eat raw meat and tissue, so provide them a diet that is high in protein relatively similar to a diet they would receive in the wild. However, just providing raw meat to your cat, while they may be satisfied, will not satisfy their nutritional needs. They need additional vitamins and nutrients that raw meat alone cannot provide, so pick a cat food that is a well rounded meal.

As we do, cats need a balanced, nutritional and well rounded diet. To guarantee that you cat is getting a balanced diet, the food given to them should be high in proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. It should also have such vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, C and Niacin to make certain that proper pet health is obtained. Cats also need two essential amino acids, taurine and arginine, that aid in development and preservation. Cats will not survive with a solely vegetarian diet, so refrain from giving your cat all vegetables. Cats require animal meat to get hold of the arginine and taurine to properly function. A diet low in these essential amino acids will result in your cat's death.

A raw diet is the best for animals, particularly where felines are concerned. Animals in the wild are used to ingesting raw meat, so their internal organs are designed to handle raw meats. Do not worry about feeding them raw meat. With the rise of contamination in pet food, pet health care has become of major importance. Just make sure if you change your pet's diet, that is includes all the nutrients they will need to have a happy and healthy meal. They have certain nutritional needs that must be met to ensure proper pet health. Feeding your pet a diet which will increase their pet health means that your cat or dog will live a long and healthy life by your side. Giving a kitty a raw meat diet is not advisable either. If you want an organic diet for your cat, it is best to consult your veterinarian to help design an organic diet for your cat. By asking a veterinarian, you can ensure that your kitty is getting the proper nutrients it needs to ensure the best for your pet's health. While protein is the main constituent of their diet, raw meat does not have the absolute composition of nutrients that your cat can receive from dry food or a well balanced organic, physician designed diet. If you wish your cat to have a more organic diet, there are plenty of resources that can aid you in drawing up an organic diet for your feline that has the entire, essential nutrimental requirements it needs for a joyful, fit lifestyle.

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