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Cat Breed - Exotic Short-hair

The Exotic short-hair cat, sometimes called "the lazy man's Persian" or "the Teddy bear cat", was produced in the mid-1900s when American breeders crossed a Persian with an American short-hair in an effort to improve the type of their cats.

They are commonly considered to be a short-haired version of the Persian with the advantage being that they don't require the amount of grooming that a Persian does. The Exotic short-hair gained official classification as a breed in 1967.

This type of cat was also crossed with the Russian Blue and the Burmese, to produce a very exotic looking and hardy breed of feline!

As cats, they tend to have a medium to large sized body weighing from 3-6.5 kg (7-14 lb), being fairly heavy set with short, sturdy legs. Their tails are short and the Exotic has a dense, short coat that is a little longer than most other short-hair breeds. They have broad heads with large, well-rounded eyes set far apart, similar to a Persian cat.

Available colors include black, white, blue, cream, red and brown tabbies, color-pointed and bi-color, amongst others.

They are renowned as making excellent pets being placid and friendly, with a bit more sociability than the average Persian and are inclined to be more agile too. Usually affectionate sorts they are however sometimes prone to aloofness. Curiosity abounds and an ability to get along with other cats, pets and even dogs makes the Exotic short-hair a popular choice; they also make excellent lap cats and tend to be on the quiet side as far as cats go.

Exotic short-hair cats are a very robust and healthy breed and make ideal pets for the cat lover!

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