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Cat Care - Have You Ever Made a Mistake Like This in Caring For a Cat?

Isn't life strange? How the past can be something that we might easily forget, at least for a time? Yet occasionally there is order-in-the-chaos, and just recently I experienced a profound "Ah Ha" with the joy I felt publishing a website for cat owners. I vividly recall the following brief memory from when I was about 5 years old.

"Pussy Willow," was the family pet cat whom I had grown up with since she was a kitten. She was a faithful companion and was always by my side. It was a day like any other for a young child playing with his matchbox cars. The plastic track the cars ran down was placed high at the top of the open set of stairs running down to the hard basement floor below.

A child-mind imagined how neat it would be if my adult cat could slide down the matchbox track just like my matchbox cars did! My beloved cat "Pussy Willow" was previously slumbering by my side. Without even considering the consequences I tried to slide her down the narrow plastic track that could not uphold her weight!

Upon hitting the concrete basement floor, she made a sound I had never heard before. I can still remember this painful cry immediately leaving me feeling sick to my stomach. Following the trip to the veterinarian my guilt and shame only got worse seeing my beloved cat hobbling around the house for weeks with a cast on its leg. I felt awful, and had a hard time forgiving myself, yet my cat kept right on loving me so we both could heal from the shared experience.

As a cat-owner, have you ever thought about the healing journey we share with our beloved pet cat/s? If my sharing of this memory from childhood helps you to remember a healing journey with a cat of your own there is a site where you can share your experience

Healing Cat Story [] will share these stories with other adults and children too, inspiring each of us to think more deeply about the importance of proper cat care. Would you agree that painful cries followed by guilt and shame need not be a part of cat ownership and the cat care experience? Will you join us in sharing the healing-journey of cat ownership? Your personal story will be an inspiration to others when you share it.

Your cat trusts you 100%, are you honoring that trust?

Enjoy a website devoted to cat care.

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