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Cat Carriers - How to Choose the Perfect Carrier For Your Cat

Cat carriers are an essential item for any cat lover. You need one to transport your cat from one place to another easily and safely. You need a carrier to take your cat to vet, to the groomer, and to the boarding facility. A carrier is especially necessary for those long trips either by plane or by car. Fortunately, you can easily find a wide selection of cat carriers online as well as at brick and mortar pet stores.

So how do you choose the right carrier for your cat? Of course, price is going to be an important factor. But there are other elements to consider, too. Here are some tips to help you choose the right pet carrier for you and your kitty:

1.) Make sure your cat fits comfortably inside the carrier. Most cats don't like being confined, so choose a carrier that provides your cat with enough room and ventilation.

2.) Choose a carrier that is made of long lasting and easy-to-clean materials. In the long run, buying a good quality carrier will save you money as you don't have to replace it as often. You can find cat carriers made of different materials, including hard plastic and nylon.

3.) Ask yourself, what do you need the carrier for? For example, if you are traveling by car or plane, make sure that the carrier you select is safe and secure. Many airlines have specific requirements for pet carriers.

4.) Do you want a soft carrier or a hard carrier? These are the most common types of carriers and they both have their pros and cons. It all comes down to your cat's needs, safety and comfort. Soft carriers are perfect for small to mid-size cats while hard carriers are better for larger and heavier cats. Regardless of the type, make sure the carrier is secure and comfortable for your cat.

5.) If you want a more sophisticated carrier, then consider pet strollers and carrier backpacks. Many of these pieces are easy to handle and store away. They are also great to take your cats on "walks" around the neighborhood.

Other things to consider: The latch of the carrier's door should lock firmly and securely. You don't want your kitty jumping out of the carrier at the worst possible time and place. Also, many soft carriers come with a small mat, if yours doesn't bring one place a soft blanket so that your cat can lie down comfortably.

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