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Cat Condos - The Perfect Alternative to Your Cat Sleeping on Your Pillow

You are sick of going to bed only to find your feline sawing logs on your pillow. Then, when you shoo him off, he just gets angry and bothers you all during the night trying to get back on his cozy little sleeping spot. Well, it sounds like you need to give him his own place to sleep with cat condos being a great way to provide him with just that.

Why do cat condos provide your pet with a nice place to get some z's? The answer is a simple one and it is because of how they are designed. Typically, one will have a cylindrical type shape and openings to a compartment like area where your cat can go into and feel safe and secure when it sleeps. They will be crafted out of durable materials like wood and carpeting with the wood being used as the structure's base while the carpeting then covers it to make it nice and comfortable for your little furball. They can feature anywhere between two to four compartments and those compartments can either sit on top of each other creating a selection that sits higher off the ground. Or, those compartments can line-up horizontally next to each other, perfect for if you have an older cat who has a problem jumping. The multiple compartment areas are also ideal for if you have more than one cat too or if you have a cat that likes variety.

Maybe your furry companion already has a nice place to sleep and what you are really looking for is a nice spot for your kitty to play instead of all over your furniture. What would be a good choice for you then would be to purchase a cat tree for him or her. It actually has the shape of a real tree with a pole type middle post that has smaller poles sticking out if it. Like the cat condos, they will typically be made out of wood and carpeting. There are also deluxe options available too including kitty gyms that have perches, hanging toys, ramps, and even tunnels built right into them offering your companion one top notch place to get rid of its energy. If you do not have enough room for something big, a scratching post is always a nice idea too so your cat can scratch to its heart content.

If cat condos sound like something that you want to invest in, then turn to the Internet to do your comparison shopping for one. It is really a fast way to see all the choices without you even taking one step outside of your home to do it. Plus, when you do buy something, it will be sent right to your home so no wasting time, energy, and money with a trip to the store.

When it comes down to it, if you are sick of your four legged friend using your pillow as a place to rest, then give him his own sleeping spot by turning to cat condos. One would definitely be a solid purchase.

Author Jennifer Akre is a proprietor of a different online specialty shops that provide both items and information on how to effortlessly furnish and decorate your space. Whether it is your living, bedroom, or even your deck or patio, there are many useful tips you to make those spots functional and beautiful. Today, she offers advice on how make your new furry companion feel right at home with lovely cat supplies and puppy supplies. They are something that every pet needs.

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