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Cat Eye Care - 4 Ways to Prevent an Eye Infection in Your Cat

The physical feature that people notice most about cats is the eyes. It so important to inspect them on a regular basis. It's good to know that most of the time infections can be prevented. Below are a few things you can do prevent eye infections in cats.

Look out for mucous buildup

Mucous can build up and turn into an eye infection. Once a day your cars eyes should be gently wiped with a damp cloth. This should also be done any time you notice mucous around the eyes.

Eye protection

Anytime a chemical treatment is used on your cat's skin the eyes should be protected. One of the most common treatments includes flea dips. Your veterinarian will should be able to give you a neutralizing ointment that should be applied to your cats eyes before treatment.

Cat hair

Anything that comes into contract to your cat's eyes can cause irritation. This includes his own hair. Make sure you keep your cat's hair trimmed to a reasonable length to avoid unnecessary irritation.

General eye cleaning

Your cat's eyes should be cleaned at least once a week. You can make your own eye cleaning solution by mixing 1 cap of baby shampoo with 20 caps of water. Use either a cotton ball or Q-tip to apply the solution. Your cat will not enjoy this, but in the long run it's necessary.

What to do in case of an eye infection

Eye infections happen. Sometimes there's nothing you can do. If this happens to you, take your cat to the vet right away. He'll likely prescribe medicated eye drops that can be used to clear up the infection.

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