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Just when you thought that you were through buying your own furniture for your home, condo, or apartment, along comes someone that tries to sell you on the idea of furniture for your cat. Whats the deal? Does your cat really need its own furniture and what on earth can it look and function like?

A Place to Call its Own

The truth be told, your cat in fact prefers to have its own soft place or places to recline in. It recognizes its scent on its own bed and will prefer it over anything else in your living space. This means that if you are tired of your cat climbing all over and shedding on your furniture, then chances are it needs its own comfy bed.

A Second Secluded Bed

So, first on your list should be a nice padded cat bed for your furry little house mate to call its own. Next on your list should be a second cushy cat bed to place under one of your beds or in a closet where your cat can recline and relax when it just wants to get away from it all and spend some time alone.

Keep the Fleas Away

Your cat will be happier and more friendly when it has its own soft places that it recognizes as its own territory. Also, your cats bed is an excellent place to sprinkle a little flea powder from time to time to keep it free of these anything pests. Still yet your cats bed is a great place to put its toys when you pick up your place. It will be glad to have them handy and they will be out of the way when he or she isn't playing with them.

A Carpeted Cat Tree for its Claws

The next time you look up in shock, to see your cat scratching its claws on a piece of your own furniture, you must bear in mind that it would rather have its own carpeted cat tree to use. Once again, it will grow to recognize its smell on it and prefer it over anything else because it is its own territory.

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