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Cat Holiday Safety - 4 Ways to Keep Your Cat Safe During the Holidays

If you own a cat, safety is a continuous and daily commitment that you make as its owner. During the holidays as our schedule becomes busier, strangers (to your cat) come into your home, and as we are required to multi-task more, some safety precautions may fall by the wayside. Don't let your cat become a statistic this year. Here are 4 ways to keep your cat safe, especially during the holidays.

Avoid Holiday Plants--Mistletoe and Poinsettias are two favorite holiday plants that many people bring into their homes for the holidays. If you have a cat, keep both these plants out of your home. They are both toxic-the Mistletoe more than the Poinsettias, but don't take a chance with either of them.

Clear Away Small Toys--If you are having small children as visitors during the holidays that will bring small toys such as beads, marbles, small game board pieces, make sure your cat is confined to another room or the cage in the same room so it remains safe but feels included in the gathering. Warn children not to feed the cat anything unless you give them permission. After the children have gone, make sure all small pieces that could possibly cause choking have been cleared away before allowing your get to run free again.

Keep Away from People Food--Holiday parties contain a lot of food that is great for people but toxic for cats. Remember your cat can climb to unbelievable heights so make sure that foods that are toxic to cats such as chocolate, tomatoes, green potatoes, garlic, grapes and raisins are contained in pet proof containers. To avoid any possibility of your cat ingesting these foods from the table at a party, or having an unknowing guest feed these foods to your cat, put your cat in his cage with a favorite toy in a room well away from the party, and ask guests who know you have a cat not to go into the room.

Contain Electrical Cords--An increased number of electrical cords are often used during the holidays to light up decorations. Many times they are seen as a new toy to your cat who may be tempted to swat at (and knock over) decorations, chew, or pull-none of which are good. Make sure that you tape cords together to avoid tangling or hanging, or enclose the cords in heavy plastic tubing that can be purchased from most hardware stores and reused each year.

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