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Cat Spraying

Why is your cat spraying and what can you do about it? There is nothing more irritating than having just cleaned up after your cat and then seeing them spraying again or smelling that odor. Luckily there are several things you can try to do to stop this behavior.

Cat spraying is a natural thing for cats to do. Cats spray for a number of different reasons. They spray to mark their territory, they are stressed, or they are looking for a mate.

One way to decrease spraying, although not always a guarantee that it will stop, is to neuter your cat. This is one of the most effective methods to decrease and stop the amount of spraying in your house.

Another way to decrease spraying is to find out where your cat is spraying. Normally cats will usually spray the same area. Once you find out where your cat is spraying you can either block that area, or put an over powering odor on it before they get to it.

You could block the area with a box or other object, or close the door if the room has a closing door. If this is not possible you could try putting perfume on the area or other smelly products to try and make your cat think twice about going there again.

There are many ways to prevent or stop your cat from spraying, but you should find out why your cat is spraying in the first place. Cat spraying and other cat behavior problems are fairly common. Luckily there are many great books available today to solve your cat problems.

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