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Cat Teeth Cleaning

Did you know that you can clean your cat's teeth? You can take them to the vet (once a year or so but this can be expensive), or you can do it yourself. This can be tricky. First you have to wrap your cat in a towel.

First attempt to open your cat's mouth. Take some water from a can of tuna and rub your cats teeth and gums. This sounds weird, but it is to get your cat used to the sensation of "brushing". Try this on a regular basis so your cat gets comfortable with it.

The next step is to purchase some edible toothpaste from your local vet or pet store. Switch from the tuna water to the toothpaste and continue the rubbing of the teeth and gums. I strongly suggest buying a child size toothbrush and give it to your cat to play with for a couple of days, this way she gets used to it and it won't come as such a surprise when you actually start brushing their teeth.

Next, just put the toothpaste on the brush and rub or brush the teeth like you would a small child's. Make sure your cat is still wrapped in the towel so neither of you gets hurt. If you do this on a regular basis your cat will eventually get used to it and save you well over $200.00 a year having a vet do it. The younger you start with your cat the less likely you'll be to have problems.

Having said that you can also start with an older cat. It just make take a few more sessions that's all. If you are uncomfortable trying this on your own, the next time you take your cat to the vet, you can ask them about it.

Karen McKee-proud pet owner of Misty

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