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Cat Training Tips From the Experts

Involving children in playtime with the family pet will help to create a strong bond between them and teaches them to see the cat as a friend. Show your child games that she can play with the cat, such as swatting a ping pong ball back and forth or chasing a piece of string.

Allow her to learn by example by letting her see you play with the cat. Always supervise young children when they are playing with pets to make sure that they do not accidentally play too roughly or hurt them.

So, what are a few of the training tips?

Here are a few cat training tips to make training successful:

- Keep training session's fun. Never scold or hit your cat.

- Use your cat's name often when praising him.

- Practice twice a day for five to ten minutes at the same time every day.

- Practice in a quiet place that is free from distractions.

- Let your cat learn one trick completely before building on it or teaching something new.

- Click the clicker immediately after your cat does what you want him to do.

- Practice training when your cat is alert and hungry.

- Always end training sessions on a positive note and with a treat.

Having a well adjusted and happy cat can make all the difference when sharing your life and home with him. Spending daily quality time with him is important, and understanding his thoughts, moods, and behaviors is a great way to establish a loving bond between you.

Animal behaviorists believe that the more time you spend interacting with your feline friend, the closer your relationship will be and the more communication you will establish. This will increase trust between you and your cat will become more affectionate toward you.

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