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Cat Travel Tips From the Experts

If you decide to take your cat with you on a cross country trip or away for a long weekend, you need to be prepared. Before you pack him up and go, think about his needs. Does he like to travel in the car? Does he get stressed out in new situations, or does he adapt quickly to new places?

Evaluate your cat's personality and decide if it is best for him to travel with you. Also, consider where you will be staying because some hotels and motels do not allow pets.

Before you leave the house, make sure that your cat is wearing his collar ID tags, and check that the carrier is securely closed and locked. When traveling, stick to his regular schedule as closely as possible. He will not become anxious or stressed if dinner time and playtime still occur at their usual times.

Set aside time each day to play with him and to give him extra attention. The more feels at home while traveling, the more relaxed he will be. You will also need to make sure you bring along everything that he will need while away from home.

The night before you leave, pack his carrier and cat beds, toys, a scratching post, a litter box, litter and scoop, food and a brush.

When traveling, place the cat carrier on the backseat of your vehicle and secure it with a seat belt, or put it on the floor. Do not put the carrier in the trunk.

Never leave your cat or kitten unattended in the car for any amount of time. Even with the window cracked open, the interior of a car can heat up to deadly temperature in minutes.

When traveling, make sure that your child practices safe behaviors around the family pet. She should be instructed never to take the cat out of his carrier. If you are staying in a hotel or at a friend's house, instruct her to be careful around the cat and never let him go outside or leave the hotel room.

If your cat escapes, he will be frightened in a strange place and may be hard to find. Depending on your child's age, she can help to take care of the cat while traveling by playing with him, brushing or feeding him, or giving him a sense of familiarity and comfort.

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