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Cat Urine Odor - 3 Steps That Work to Remove Cat Urine Odor

Removing cat urine odor can sometimes seem impossible, particularly if your cat urinates in a spot that's hard to find or reach. Here are 3 steps to take to remove cat urine odor safely and effectively.

1.  Find the spot.

This can be a challenge if your cat urinated while you were away, and the spot has had time to dry and is hard to see. Use a black light to help you locate the offending spot. A black light is best used when it's relatively dark so the urine spots will glow brightly when the light shines on them.

2.  Neutralize the area.

There are thousands of products, home recipes, and special formulas out there that claim success with eliminating cat urine. Choose a product that is safe for your cat (and you), and that breaks down and thus neutralizes the urine rather than adding another smell to cover the urine odor.

3.  Use an air purifier designed to remove cat urine odor.

Realize that with a cat in the family mistakes will happen, and even if you find and neutralize the spot, while you're completing the process your home still smells like cat urine. If you've inherited your space from another owner who had cats, short of removing the carpet and refinishing wood floors, there may be spots that you will never find, but the odor will persist. An air purifier whose filter is designed to remove cat odor can be an economical solution to keeping your home smelling fresh if and when your cat makes mistakes.

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