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Cats and the Single Woman

How is it that cats have evolved as a woman's choice of pets? Although far from the truth-- many women are die hard dog fans as are many men cat lovers-- the cat has always been associated with the female sex. Let us take a good look at why.

First of all, let's face it, cats are sexy. They slink around, they have a sensuous walk, and they remain aloof yet seek attention. Their stare is mysterious and they are independent yet love to be caressed. With the exception of Garfield, most women consider it an asset to have certain feline qualities. Although the neighborhood "cat woman" is considered to be an elderly outcast who surrounds herself with cats and open tuna cans, Batman's nemesis Catwoman certainly gave a hot, new twist to that image as well.

In ancient Egypt, the cat was taken in as a wild, untamed creature used to kill off vermin. She slowly became domesticated and eventually worshipped for her grace and poise. In the mind of a woman, not only would she want to be associated with such a creature, but she most certainly would want a man to view her that way as well. Thus, the concept of a woman aligned with a feline creature became desirable. Even the soothing purr of a cat is enticing compared to the harsh bark of a dog.

So, are men really attracted to "cat-like" women? The answer is a resounding: Yes! What man wouldn't want a beautiful, delicate creature swooshing up next to him, begging for attention with the unspoken promise of making it more than worth his while? How could he resist the swaying of the hips, the soft, delicate gait in those steps? And of course, how could he resist the gentle purring in his ear? That is until he realizes that his feline is an independent creature that does as she pleases, will tease him then leave him, and can oftentimes be devious and underhanded in order to get what she wants. At that point, he realizes that, although not as beautiful to look at, he 's best off coming home to a dog.

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