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Cats As Pets

The association of cats with humans goes back literally thousands of years. Today they are the second most popular pet, with dogs being first. Caring for cats is not difficult to do, even if you have to be gone from your home for long periods of time during the day. If this is your routine, a cat as a pet is a good choice.

The majority of felines don't come with a pedigree because most cats come from multiple breeds. Actually there are only a small 3% of felines that are purebred. This is because they cost a lot more than the mixed breed cat and have no substantial advantages or disadvantages over the mixed breeds. Across the globe, there are now just over one hundred purebred cats that have been identified.

Examining the different breeds will reveal distinctions. These come in the form of different types of body shapes, coat lengths, coat color, eye color, personalities and size. Cats can be categorized as the short haired or long haired variety. Short haired felines are the most common of the two.

Long haired cats are harder to take care of. They require more brushing and are more prone to hairballs. Also, the long fur makes it more difficult to get rid of fleas, and harder to care for any cuts they may have.

Cats do not take as much of your time as dogs, who need to be let outside. Really, all the felines need is a little food, attention and a litter box. Of course, cats enjoy playing and climbing. The occasional leap in the air or sweet purring in your ear are attributes of a happy cat. Additionally, because they are so adaptable, felines are great for most types of living arrangements, including apartments. There's no question, these fluffs of fur quickly become adored pets through their playfulness, affection, and loyalty.

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