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Cats Constipation Problems and Solutions

This article is about cats constipation problems and solutions.

Constipation in cats is more common then many people realize.

Before we get into what to do about constipation in cats we need to look at the causes. Then we'll discuss some of the signs to look for and then cover some solutions and also what not to do.

OK, the causes. Here's a list of several possible causes.

o A diet that is unbalanced (This often the cause)
o Dirty litter box. (Always make sure to clean the litter box out regularly
o Dehydration. (Always have fresh water available and monitor how much they are drinking.
o A Foreign object of some type that is caught in the intestines.
o A noticeable change in their daily routine.
o Change in eating habits, as in not eating at all or eating very little.
o Tumors
o Change in grooming habits such as excessive grooming.

Some of the signs you can watch for are:

o The coat (fur) may look different. Out of condition, unkempt.
o Cat may seem very lethargic.
o Straining or crying while trying to defecate in the litter box.
o No stools for more than one day.
o Small amounts of stools that are very hard.
o Stools may have blood on them that could be caused by a broken capillary.

Some solutions for treating constipation in cats are:

If the cat is still passing some stools but they are very hard and if the cat is eating and drinking normally and seems to be healthy otherwise, you can try adding a small amount of fiber to their food. (some recommend adding canned pumpkin or bran to their food)

You may want to check the food your feeding them. Not all cat food is created equal, and many cat foods fall far short of what your cat needs.

If you don't know for sure what the problem is, then a trip to the vet is recommended.
Diet is one of the main causes of constipation in cats (just like humans) but isn't always the case. If the problem is more involved, it needs to be diagnosed and treated right away.

Cats constipation problems can be very serious. Our veterinarian has a glass enclosed case with objects they have removed from cats and dogs. I was amazed at some of them. Many could definitely cause the intestines to be blocked.

We know you love your cat and want the best for them and after all, they are counting on you to take good care of them.

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You and your cat(s) will be glad you did.

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