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Commercial Cat Foods - How the Experts Choose it For Their Pets

Commercial cat foods offer a major benefit for today's busy cat owner; convenience. The good foods also offer high quality ingredients combined into carefully balanced blends that have benefited from many years of extensive scientific research and feedback from cat owners and veterinarians.

Stroll through the cat food aisle in your local pet store and you will find a stunning variety of products available. You will find foods based on fish, chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, duck, venison, eggs or a combination.

You can choose dry foods, semi moist foods, canned foods or frozen foods. There are formulas for kittens, adults and seniors, as well as for lazy cats and active cats. Does your cat have a specific problem?

You can find a food to combat tartar, alleviate allergies, calm the kidneys, handle hairballs, and take off excess weight, name a concern, and there is probably a food that is supposed to help.

Unfortunately, those obvious differences are not the only ones that you need to consider. Cat foods are definitely not all created equal in quality. Your cat can not shop for herself, so it is important to know what you are buying for her sake.

Although cats are not the most expensive of pets to feed, the cost can add up, and it is sometimes tempting to cut corners on food choices. But very cheap food is false economy in the long run because a long term diet of poor quality food often leads to health problems that require extensive veterinary care.

Lower quality foods include fillers with little or no nutritional value. They also use lower quality proteins and often include food dyes and preservatives that have been linked to allergies and other health problems.

The ingredients in cheaper foods are often less digestible, meaning more and smellier feces, a big consideration in you are the one who cleans the litter box. Cats on poor diets are more prone to vomiting and the dyes in some lower quality foods stain everything they touch.

Those dyes are there to make you think that the food looks better, by the way your cat does not care what color her food is as long as it smells good and fills her tummy.

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