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Cute Kitten Names - Find the Perfect Name For Your Cat

So you have a new kitten and need help with cute kitten names? It is always important to pick the perfect name for your kitten as they will carry this name with them for a very long time. The kitten may not complain too terribly much about the name you have chosen. Although you can never be too sure what is going on in the minds of our feline friends. Be sure, however, it is a name that you will not grow tired of calling or that your new family member will outgrow.

Here are some important things to consider when choosing cute kitten names:

1. Gender

2. Personality

3. Durability

4. Flexibility

It is important to choose a name that is gender appropriate. Unless of course your sense of humor directs you otherwise! Again, the little fury creature may not vocally object, but watch out for those claws! What is the personality of your new family member? Are they playful, shy, or cozy? Perhaps he or she appears to be super intelligent or maybe a bit ditzy. What is the personality of you or your family? Are they humorous, studious, quiet and reserved or wild and crazy? Will the name you are considering withstand the transition from baby to adult? If he turns into a fat, lazy, grumpy cat will the name still be suitable? Cute kitten names can sometimes become even more fitting as your friend gets older. Those of us who are female may like to opt for Fluffy or Foofy, but those of us who are male may not take so kindly to using such names especially if they have their buddies around. Take into consideration also the age range of any children in the household. Will they be able to remember the name? Some of us like long names such as Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzikins. Consider also that while some mispronunciations can be cute coming from a toddler, they can also be embarrassing if they sound too similar to something inappropriate. Be sure it is a name that will fit into any give situation. If you are scolding your feline, praising them, or calling them if they are lost how will the name come across? Choosing a cute kitten name can be easy, but choosing one that fits your kitten, you and your family can be a challenge especially the bigger the family. Sit down together and make a list of name ideas from everyone in the household. Take a vote of the names that the family comes up with. If you become stumped for a name, try a baby name book. Some names that may appear peculiar for babies may resound as the perfect name for your new feline addition. Happy naming!

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