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Deciding on the Right Cat Litter

There are so many different types of cat litter available today. From organic to clumping to deodorizing and everything in between. So, how is the average person supposed to be able to decide the right kitty litter to use for the cat in our lives?

One of the most important factors in deciding the right kitty litter for your cat should be the effectiveness of odor control. Cats have a great sense of smell, which is the reason it is vital to have good odor control. Try to keep the litter dust at a minimal amount. If the dust or aroma of the litter is irritating for the cat, it will not use the litter box.

If you are unsure of the best cat littler for your loved kitty, you should ask questions. Have everything cleared up for you, there are so many different types of litter, so the more you know about each of them will help you to make an educated decision. Here is a sample of some questions you might want to ask:

Which cat litters can be flushed down the toilet?

Which cat litters will trap odors?

Which cat litter does not have artificial scents added to them?

Which litter is environmentally safe?

Is it a litter that is normally carried at local stores?

How expensive is it?

Many people are becoming more cautious about the environment. With a higher demand for green products, came a need for green kitty litter. If you buy eco-friendly cat litter you can flush the waste down the toilet without causing harm to your septic system, pipes or the Earth. The majority of environmentally friendly kitty litter is virtually dust free, making it healthier for your little ball of joy as well.

As much as we would all love for the odor of a kitty box to be completely eliminated, that is solely up to us, as the humans. The best way for you to keep the odor down from your litter box is to frequently scoop out and get rid of the waste. This can be done every time your cat eliminates in the box. At a minimum the litter box should be washed, disinfected and refilled once a week. Of course, if you have more than one cat using the litter box, this is going to have to be done more frequently.

It is important that the box is completely emptied and disinfected in order to kill any bacteria that might be living in the litter. You will know if you have waited too long before completely cleaning out the cat box. There will be a strong ammonia odor that is very over powering. Take not of how long it has been since you changed the box last. If it has been exactly one week, change your cleaning time to maybe every 3 days or so. This should help eliminate the possibilities of having such a strong smell the next time you change the box.

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