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Domed Cat Litter Boxes - Find the Perfect Litter Box For Your Kitty

There are a variety of domed cat litter boxes and your cat makes the choice of which one it likes best. Not all cats like the confinement of a domed litter box. Others don't seem to mind it at all. If you have more than one cat you may have the problem of having to have more than one litter box because someone may not like the dome. Unfortunately, this is an area where you have to keep the cat happy or there will be accidents all over the house. Cats are really very fussy about their litter and their litter box. They like it to be clean and scent free. In the next few paragraphs we will cover the types of domed cat litter boxes, how they operate and their cost.

Some cats can be very messy when they cover their stool causing litter and sometimes some of the excrement to fall out of an ordinary litter box. A high back domed litter box will keep the mess inside the box. It will give the cat privacy and keep odor under control.

Another form of domed litter box is the one where you roll it over and roll it back and there is no need for you to scrape and/or shovel the waste from the litter. Everything falls into a tray. Just remove that tray and dispose of the waste. The litter box is then clean.

There is also the sifting domed litter box. To clean this litter box sift the litter back in the box and the clumps and the waste will stay behind. The box can then be washed down and the dome replaced.

It was mentioned before that there are many types of domed cat litter boxes. They are plain straight boxes, some fit into corners some come with air filtration systems and are technologically advanced. They have rakes to clean the litter. Some that may be referred to as domed look like benches. These are actually a cover that conceals the litter pan and is not a part of the litter pan as are the three mentioned above. The bench type litter boxes come in sizes to suit the amount of cats you have. Certainly if you have three or more cats you would want a larger box. The boxes with the air filtration systems purify the air keeping it clean of dust, odors and dander.

Domed cat litter boxes don't only come in different sizes and shapes but they are also made to accommodate certain types of cats. For senior cats and kittens for instance, you can get a domed litter box with a lower entrance making it easier for the cat or kitten to enter and exit. They are made of assorted materials but most of them seem to be made of an odor resistant type of plastic. Last but not least, they come in a wide range of prices, from twenty dollars to over one hundred dollars. The highest priced are those that are more technologically advanced.

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