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Eliminate Cat Spray

Both male and female cats will spray in particular places to mark their territory. Although it is more common in male cats it is by no means unheard of in females. The difference is that a female will spray squatting and not usually so much. As it can cause a problem, especially when it is being done inside the home, it is best to try and eliminate cat spray.

To try and change a cat's habits you firstly have to understand why they do it. The urine spray of a cat contains pheromones which they use as a means of communication. The smell of a spray will be individual to that cat and others will recognize it and know that a particular cat has claimed a territory. Spraying can sometimes be a sign of insecurity. If you cat feels that his space is being threatened by another he may feel a need to mark his territory as a warning to the other to back off. If there is a cat living very close, next door for example, and your cat is easily able to see them outside through the window, it may be easy to eliminate cat spray just by restricting their view. If they cannot see the other cat then they may not worry so much about an invasion of their territory and may well stop spraying.

Cats can also become quite insecure about you. Your pet may respond well to a very regular routine when it comes to meal times and cleaning litter trays etc. Try to stick to a certain time for feeding. This way he will know that he will be fed and will not be worried and insecure. Cats are very clean animals and like a clean environment. Cleaning their litter tray regularly and at around the same time each day will take another worry off their mind. The more relaxed your cat is, the easier it will be to eliminate cat spray.

One way which is almost guaranteed to work is to have your cat neutered. In these days of massive cat overpopulation, it is advisable to have your pets neutered as a matter of course. If your male cat is only a kitten and has not yet started spraying, neutering him before he starts will probably mean that he never will. However, if he is an older cat and is already in the habit, it may take a while after the operation before you can eliminate cat spraying. You are advised to thoroughly clean all the areas where he is used to spraying whilst he is recovering from his operation so that once he is up and about there is no trace of his scent. Rather than encouraging him to re-mark his territory it seems to stop them from doing so. It is possible to buy a product from pet stores which will remove all trace of the odours.

Some cats may never stop and you may find it difficult or impossible to eliminate cat spray completely. However, with some patience and understanding you should at least be able to stop him from spraying in your home.

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