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Feline Health Problems

Similar to the way families are prone to have certain health concerns, such as diabetes or heart problems, the same is true for even the best cared for cat. Cats have some specific health concerns that should be learned if you own or are planning to own a feline friend.

Here are a few common concerns, including eye problems, diarrhea, colds, bites, and urinary or digestive problems:

Cats can catch a cold but it is common and is usually taken care of by their immune system. However, if a cat is not eating and appears lethargic, you should consult a vet for medication.

House cats do not need to worry, but if you allow your cat to go outside even part of the time, he or she may get into frequent fights with other animals. Bites and wounds could come from a variety of animals and should be taken care of by a vet immediately.

Outside cats also need to worry about picking up parasites such as tape worms, which result in diarrhea and vomiting. Vets have the medication to eliminate and prevent these parasites.

Cats that are not neutered can get a urinary tract infection which causes the cat to stop using the litter box and also gives the urine to have a distinct odor. These are symptoms that should be discussed with a vet quickly.

Cats will groom themselves and ingest fur which is normal and passes through their system, but it builds up in the stomach. This can cause a fur ball that is lodged in the intestines or digestive tract resulting in lethargy and constipation. Fur balls are usually coughed up. Brushing a cat frequently reduces fur balls.

Luckily, with new medicines, some fatal cat diseases are almost wiped out, including feline leukemia which is prevented with regular vaccines.

Remember your cat will show signs when he or she is sick and should be taken for regular vet visits.

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