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Feline Nutrition - Cuisine For Your Kitty, A La Carte Choices

When you have a new cat there are several decisions you need to make and among one of the most important is what to feed it. There are so many products on the market, it is difficult to decide on which to choose, and how to feed your new cat.

After all, you want the cat to be healthy and you want to provide the right nutritional food. You need to worry about the right amount of exercise and nutritional needs to promote good growth and health. Remember, a healthy cat is a happy cat!

The right cat food is available in dry, wet and moist and what you choose depends on what you and your cat prefer, and what your budget is. The right cat food leads to optimal health and vitality of the cat throughout its life. One thing you should be aware of though, is that if you do decide on giving your cat dry cat food, then you need to give it to your cat dry and not wet it with anything, since wetting down the dry cat food creates bacteria and makes it go bad. The cats should be provided with good and healthy food to avoid infections. In many cases, a high quality moist cat food is preferred to that of the dry food. The following tips may help you decide which is best for you and your cat.

Dry food - Cat food is made out of plant or animal products and it is intended for the consumption of cats. Dry food usually refers food that is preserved at room temperature comes in bags and is chewy in nature. Dry foods are free from bacteria and can be given to the cats at any time. You don't need to do anything to prepare this type of food. No warming or cooking needed.

Wet food - Cats mostly prefer wet food for their meals. They love food mixed with milk and water. But the preparation of wet food should be done with care as they have they can accumulate bacteria. The left over wet food should be disposed of immediately to avoid indigestion and other problems in the cat.

Moist food - Some people prepare their own moist food for their cats made from the ingredients purchased in the grocery store and health food store. Home made foods are considered good for the health of the cat and these foods should be prepared with care. The leftovers should be disposed immediately and should not be used as scrap for the cat at the next meal. This process causes severe health problems in the cat.

Canned soft - These foods contain seventy five percent water and meet the daily requirement of water supply for the cat. Cats have a special passion toward canned wet foods and the strong smell creates the desire to eat more and more. Purchasing of such canned food for cats, should be done with care. Be sure to look at the expiration date, to avoid health oriented problems.

Chunks in Gravy - This food contains chunky preparation, a mixture of solid food and semi-liquid gravy. Cats love this food because they offer spicy taste and a strong aroma. Generally chunk foods are prepared at home and are done so to promote growth and the health of the cat.

Bottom Line- keep the cat happy by giving what smells and tastes good for the kitty, and maybe put up with that smell in the fridge.

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